Workforce 4.0 Is A Full-Service Solution Managing Your Workforce Efficiency & Machine Maintenance

Bring your machine and production maintenance routines up to the cutting-edge of innovation with our high-ROI maintenance solution.

Our solution provides ultimate quality control and oversight, ensuring that all tasks are executed to your standards, in the specific location and during the set timeframe. 

Existing shortfalls of current routines can range from relying on paper forms to incomplete checks and costly on-boarding, all of which are solved by our quick-to-implement AR preventive maintenance solution.

Our solution’s features include:

  • Digitizing maintenance routines – All maintenance checklists are provided on your device so you have all the information you need – anytime & anywhere!
  • Improved efficiency – Automatically translating your collected data into intuitive charts and tables can be helpful to further optimize your processes and decrease downtime as areas of your routine that lack efficiency can easily be identified and restructured.
  • Easy and less costly on-boarding – The simplification of tasks and routes, leading inspectors from one point to another and showing them a list of tasks to complete is perfect for less experienced technicians, thereby making your on-boarding process more efficient and faster than ever; all of this while reducing training costs as no supervisor is required on-site.
  • Safer work environment – Hazards of all kind can easily be detected as information gathered by human senses is enhanced.

Benefits of Using Insider Workforce 4.0 for Your Business

Summary of the most important features:

  • Teams can be directed to exact locations for repairs.
  • Defects can be highlighted to be recognized easily.
  • The standardization of your maintenance workflows will reduce costs and increase the production security.
  • Regular preventive maintenance routines will lower defective-rates.
  • Gain insights to real-time status of your machines and production performance.
  • Onboarding or replacement of employees only takes a few minutes.
  • The solution can be integrated with any existing system or run standalone.
  • Insider Workforce 4.0 works both online (cloud) or offline (on premise).
  • The setup and implementation is fast and easy.
  • You can also integrate our various capabilities on top of your existing ERP solution (SAP, Oracle, IBM, etc.), keeping the comfort of your current system with all of the advantages of ours.

We Provide The Full-Service Solution You’re Looking For

After many years of industry experience we know that our clients do not only need excellent software/IT solutions but also an experienced partner to cover the implementation for them.

That’s why we specialized in providing a full-service solution. Our partners are distributed all over the world, enabling us to implement the entire technical infrastructure for you – on-site! 

We are here for you to help you get the best results possible. Schedule an appointment for your personal live demo now and see what Insider Workforce 4.0 is capable of!