• location aware maintenance solution utilizing Insider Navigation tracking platform to understand inch / cm precise location of assets and workforce
  • in manufacturing environment reduce unplanned downtime by 15% and more
  • increase output by 20% and more
  • reduce onboarding time by 75% 
  • store knowledge about assets, routines and tasks in your facility
  • eliminate the risk coming from high turnover
  • ensure compliance and record auditable processes
  • easily connect via API with SAP, IBM Maximo and others or run standalone
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  • Managing properties can be difficult, especially if service providers struggle to navigate through a new site or facility for the first time.
  • Our solution enables all involved parties to easily navigate to the destination and work through their task list without missing an important maintenance cycle.
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  • The INS indoor and outdoor positioning platform can be fitted to any purpose of use. Our developers and industry experts are able to provide custom solutions for your individual needs.
  • We can provide a broad variety of successful case studies to give an insight of what our solution is capable of. Learn more about our technology now!
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