Facility Maintenance Is A Full-Service Solution Helping You to Accomplish Your Responsibilities More Efficiently

High performance facility management can only be sustained with effective maintenance routines. We can help you to accomplish your responsibilities better than ever before by efficiently planning tasks, streamlining operations and automating repair processes.

Challenges of your current work may include dealing with cluttered spaces such as electrical rooms or carrying the right technical documents, all of which can be solved by our quick-to-implement AR facility maintenance solution.

Our solution’s features include

  • Off-site analysis – A specific maintenance task can be reviewed in a computer model allowing you to arrive with clear instructions.
  • Digitized maintenance routines – On-site, components of the task can be identified better reducing the chance of human error. All maintenance checklists and other necessary documents are provided on your device. 
  • Improved efficiency – Digitizing maintenance routines will further optimize your processes and decrease downtime. Our solution provides ultimate quality control and oversight, ensuring that all tasks are executed to your standards, in the specific location and during the set timeframe. 
  • Safer work environment – Hazards of all kind can easily be detected as information gathered by human senses is enhanced.

Benefits of Using Facility Maintenance Solution for Your Property

Summary of the most important features:

  • Easy direction to exact locations for repairs
  • Simplifying maintenance tasks by providing key information on your device during an inspection
  • Standardization of maintenance workflows reduces the chance of human error 
  • Cost reduction through more effective work
  • Lower defective-rates thanks to regular preventive maintenance routines 
  • Easy onboarding or replacement of employees 

How To Get Started – How We Can Help You

After many years of industry experience we know that our clients do not only need excellent software/IT solutions but also an experienced partner to cover the implementation for them.

That’s what we’re here for! We provide a full-service solution starting from the initial consultation to implementation of the entire setup in your facility. Our partners are distributed all over the world, enabling us to implement the entire technical infrastructure for you – on-site! 

We want to help you get the best results possible. Schedule an appointment for your personal live demo now and see how your property can benefit from our facility maintenance solution or reach out using our contact form!