Insider Logistics 4.0 Is A Full-Service Solution to Increase Warehouse & Fleet Management Efficiency as well as ROI

The solution is suitable for all types of distribution sites. It enables ultra-precise positioning and tracking of your assets as well as your entire intra-logistics fleet.

We can help you track your vehicles and ensure that goods are picked and placed in the right places using extremely precise x, y and z coordinate tracking.

Logistic processes are becoming more and more complex, leading to more efficiency and cost saving being more and more important. Vehicles take suboptimal or even unsafe routes and goods are misplaced or even lost.

Managing the efficiency and security of your forklift fleet is a crucial factor for any efficient and successful warehouse. Our solution enables you to optimize your existing fleet by adding small cameras and sensors to your forklifts.

Our solution’s features include:

  • High accuracy positioning – With our guaranteed 1-5 cm position accuracy, we can not only show you the fastest route from A to B but also identify optimal trajectories.
  • Improved efficiency and security – Using the data collected, you can measure how your current system can be improved, increasing efficiency as well as your warehouse’s overall safety.
  • Monitoring of position and routes in real-time – Ensure that goods are picked up and placed on their exact intended location.

By using precise tracking you can obtain vital data when it comes to fleet and warehouse performance comparison. Monitor your fleet’s routes and stops, make sure that they are functioning efficiently and provide instant security alerts if they take a wrong turn.

Benefits Of Using Insider Logistics 4.0 for Your Business

Summary of the most important features:

  • Precise x, y and z tracking to enable efficient pick and place workflows
  • Real-time fleet status monitoring including loaded/empty trip status and height of forklifts
  • One hardware & software bundle, easy to install on the forklift in less than 10 minutes
  • Our platform-independent software-suite comes with interfaces for systems

How To Get Started – 3 Simple Steps

We provide a full-service solution starting from the initial consultation to implementation of the entire setup in your warehouse. All it takes is three simple steps:

  1. Installation of the InsiderNavigation hardware & software bundle
  2. Placing of markers for accurate AR based navigation on mobile devices and forklift fleet
  3. Start optimizing your fleet’s efficiency and security while increasing your ROI

We invite you to see our solution in action.

Please schedule a personal live demo or reach out using our contact form!