How it works


Our technology was originally developed in collaboration with research centers and universities over a period of 8 years, with our product being available on iOS since 2017. Since then, we have continued to invest significant time into improving every aspect of our solution, from performance and UI/UX design to expanding onto other Operating Systems.

Now, using complex computer vision, we track your position (x,y,z) and pose, guaranteeing an accuracy of 1-5 cm. Due to the fact that we work with large corporates, we meet the highest security requirements and our system is extremely flexible. Our SDK runs on iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux, ensuring that we can reach people on practically any AR-compatible device.

Our admin interface is adaptable to our clients’ needs. It runs on several cloud services (Google, Oracle, Azure, etc.) in docker containers or on premise, on Linux or Windows servers and with many databases (MySQL, Oracle, etc.).

Based on over 20 years of experience we have created a very simple process for developers, with detailed documentation. Whether you use an existing solution or develop your own, implementing Insider Navigation will be a walk in the park.

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